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Corporate Videographer
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Cameras: Canon 5D Mark IV / Canon SL1 / Lenses, and Macro Extenders. Sony Camcorders HXR-NX3, HVR-Z5U

Aerial: DJI Phantom 4 Drone with 4k UHD Camera / Extra Batteries

Camera Support: Tripods / 10' Dolly / 4' Slider / Car Mount / Glidecam

Lighting: 4 Studio Lights with (4) soft boxes / 1 Arri Spotlight / Color Gels / Reflector / Extension Cords

Audio: 2 Wireless Lapel Mics / Shotgun Mic / XLR Cords / Adaptors

Misc: DSLR Timelapse Timer / Black, White, Blue Cloth Backgrounds / Vinyl GreenScreen / Fog Machine

Software: Adobe Production Premium 5.5 / Blender 3D / Eastwest / Omnisphere


Sacramento Videographer Silas Barker founded Silas's Videography in 2005 and has created hundreds of corporate videos, commercials, and event videos. He lives with his wife and assistant Videographer Rachel in Citrus Heights, CA. Silas enjoys shooting videos of course, as well as hiking, creating music, and photography.

Silas won "Best Short Narrative Film" at the 2012 Trail Dance Film festival for his Award Winning Film Perspective, and also won "Best Sacramento Film" for one of his clients in a Statewide Contest. He has also worked on other films that have been official selections at various film festivals. Silas is a Christian and credits his successes to God, the Master Creator.

1 Samuel 18:14 In everything he did he had great success, because the LORD was with him.